Hurt at Work?

“Three Critical Things You Must Do To Protect Yourself!”

1. Immediately notify your employer! This means anyone in a supervisory capacity over you. If the big boss is not around, notify your immediate authority. If no authority figure is around, then notify someone in Human Resources.

2. Immediately fill out an accident/incident report! Most employers have a standard form on file. Do not wait for it to be offered. Ask for it, fill it out correctly, give it to your employer and retain a copy for your records. If your injury is serious, you can request that someone do this for you.

3. Seek immediate medical assistance! An injury always results in some type of medical evaluation and treatment – – even if it is a band-aid or an aspirin. Do not delay! When you see medical personnel you are documenting your injury, placing yourself in line for benefits and on your way to recovery.

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